LifeLike : The Game

LifeLike : The Game.

7. Place in Conquest Daj Się Poznać 2017

This Game helped me win a conquest Called Day Sie Poznac 2017. If you want to read something about this, you can open this page : Blog (PL Version Only) or open github Github to check the code! Enjoy



  • Random Generated Map
  • Few unique classes
  • Different Class for Character
  • Day/Night Cicle
  • Multiplatform (Mac, Windows, Linux, WebGL)

Special Powers! Yeah. You are special!

Few Reason why! (only on analog casette)

  • no ! no in this way when mam say to his children tht he is special like Forest Gump
  • Coach Trainer can change enemy site to you. Your Inteligence and Charisma will be useful!
  • IT Guy can use inteligence to bored enemy
  • Super Hobo will be specialist of alcohol. Based on alcohol he received special attributes!
Download List and changelogs will be soon here :)